4 Facts about Water and Why You Need It Purified

4 Facts about Water and Why You Need It Purified

Mossel Bay Water Purification Systems

We are all aware that water forms a huge impact on your lives, but what happens when you do not drink enough of it. Aqua Regia in Mossel Bay, one of the leading water purification companies in the Garden Route gives us 4 facts about water and why you need it purified.

  • Fact 1 # – The average person drinks only 2.5 cups of water daily, although we all know that 8 glasses is necessary.
  • Fact 2 # – Begin Dehydrates make you sleepy. Before you sit and sleep at work, try drinking enough water. This is worth trying out.
  • Fact 3 # – 75% of people a Chronically Dehydrated.
  • Fact 4 # – It takes about 45 minutes to rehydrate.

Purified water is not only clean of toxins that are harmful to your body, but it also tastes great, making it easy to reach your 8 glasses of water daily.
Aqua Regia Mossel Bay offers a number of different water purification options to suit your needs.

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