Garden Route Household Water Purification Solutions

Garden Route Household Water Purification Solutions

Household Water Purification Systems in the Garden Route

Aqua Regia is one of the leading water purification companies in the Garden Route, which offers professional and high quality water purification systems to both households and commercial use.

7 Health Benefits of Household Water Purification

  • Clean Drinking Water will give you more energy throughout the day
  • Good for your hair and skin
  • Purified Water helps with overall health
  • Purified Water scales buildup in the kettle
  • Longer life for geyser due to chemicals and toxins removed from water
  • Safer for the environment

Aqua Regia offers installations, services and repairs on household water purification systems in the area from Uniondale to De Rust, George to Knysna, to Swellendam and Ladismith.

Our team of fully trained technicians offers you professional service and advice, and excellent workmanship.

Contact Aqua Regia today for a quotation on your specific household water purification needs.